Homeschooling: Tips and Tricks with Kaylan Buteyn

In this class, Kaylan guides you to think through some lifestyle shifts that can smooth out this transition. In this 40 minute session she discusses some basics for structuring your day to foster an environment of learning that feels peaceful for your child and can integrate into your life as a working parent.  

Kaylan discusses: 
a) Her homeschool lifestyle (they have been homeschooling for years!)
b) A parent's perspective: What to consider 
c) Practical applications 
d) Create a vision for what your home-bound time can look like for your family 

About Kaylan Buteyn 

Kaylan is an artist living and working in rural TN, USA. She enjoys life in the country where she builds a life with her spouse; gardening and homeschooling their three children (ages 7, 3 and 1). Kaylan received her MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2017. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and community spaces internationally. As a social extension of her art practice, in 2019 Kaylan created the Artist/Mother Podcast, which interviews incredible working artists who are also mothers about their work and life. The Artist/Mother podcast has expanded to become a community that features events, exhibitions, mentor groups, retreats and more. 

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