Projects & Collaborations

We collaborate with museums, galleries, art organisations and businesses to help create awareness and community for women artists. Below are some of the projects we have been involved with.

Thanks to each and everyone one of our partners so far, we are very grateful for your support.


Interested in working with us? Simply email our Community Manager - Nina Sareena Idris: and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

1. Museum Collaborations 
2. Special Edition T-shirts 

 3. Art Girls WFH: Covid Response - Classes for Artists 

In March 2020, during Covid and lockdown we launched eight classes for artists by art world professionals. The Global Innovation Forum and Shopify  featured our Covid response. View all classes here. 

4. Art + Chill: Covid Response - Community During Lockdown

From April - November 2020 we hosted free art & chill sessions 1-2 per week for our community during the tough months of Covid and lockdown. During these sessions we chatted, shared our hopes, fears and dreams while making art together. The Global Innovation Forum and Shopify  featured our Covid responses. 

 5. Guest Curations 

Where Are The Women Artists? A database and directory for women artists co-created by the founder of ArtGirlRising launched in February 2021. We have more than 2000 artists from 50 countries already signed up. Read our interview with Made In Bed (Sotheby's Art Institute) Magazine here. 
Please visit and join us here:

 7. The Conversation

For International Women's Day in 2021 we launched our YouTube Channel The Conversation with She CuratesView our first episode here.

8. Art Residency 

In March 2019 we opened an artist residency in Kuala Lumpur for women artists. The residency hosted seven local female artists and one exhibition. Unfortunately due to property restrictions and landlord complications we closed the residency at the end of 2019. Nadia Nizamudin was one of the artists we hosted during this time. 

9. Fair Art 2030 Pledge 

Fair Art is our latest project, estimated launch date is October 2021. We are working with five other art businesses to create a pledge for museums, galleries and art fairs to create a more fair and inclusive art world.