Building Community with Jamie Smith

Learn how to build, organise and sustain community. Jamie uses her experiences of creating THRIVE Art Studio - a membership community of 180 female artists to share her learnings and insights over the years.

You will leave with the do's and don'ts of community building based on her seven year experience of bringing people together. 

In this 40 minute session Jamie talks about: 
  • The story of THRIVE 
  • Lessons Learned 
  • Why is community important
  • Know your why
  • It takes a lot of work- it is not a side project
  • What you are willing to do and not willing to do
  • And much more 

If you're looking to build and sustain a community of your own, this is the pefect class for you! In this class, Jamie guides you on how to simplify the process, and help you make it work through each step of the process. 

About Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith (she/her) is an artist and community builder. In 2013, she started ROVE an art walk in Vancouver, BC and in 2015 she founded THRIVE Art Studio. THRIVE provides community and support for female, gender fluid and gender non-binary artists all over the world. The THRIVE Network is an online community where members share resources, advice and mentorship to one another. THRIVE also hosts a speaking series and a podcast called THRIVE Talks and classes for artists called THRIVE Art School. Jamie's motto is “Do The Work” and she believes community is essential to a successful creative practice.

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