Where can you buy our iconic Women Artist t-shirt?

Our online shop is open to the public occasionally, the rest of the time we sell wholesale only. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and the next open day ♡ 

We reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste by printing our t-shirts on demand only. 

You can buy our t-shirts here: 


  • Philadelphia Museum of Art  - Frida T-shirt, Cassatt Tote Bag & T-shirt
  • National Gallery of Australia  - Australian Women Artist T-shirt 
  • Nevada Museum of Art - Frida T-shirt
  • Corita Art Centre Los Angeles - Corita T-shirt
  • Moco Museum Amsterdam - Custom Frida T-shirt
  • Rockhampton Museum of Art - Custom Cassab T-shirt & Tote Bag
  • The Blonde Art Dealer - Custom Pink Frida T-shirt
  • Bon Femmes - Frida T-shirt & Black Women Abstract Artists T-shirt
  • The Art Room (In Store Only) - Frida T-shirt & Where Are The Women Artists? T-shirt

    Full list of partners and collaborations here 

    Interested in selling our t-shirt or collaborating? Please fill in this form or email our Community Manager - Nina Sareena Idris: sareena@artgirlrising.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.