ArtGirlRising Museum Shelf Call For Art

Your Creations In Museum Shops! 
We are excited for the launch of ArtGirlRising x Museum Shops

The ArtGirlRising team is delighted to share the very new and creative concept of ArtGirlRising shelves x museum shops. As you might know ArtGirlRising together with Repaint History have developed long lasting relationships with many global museums in the past 6 years selling their collections through their museum shops.

We now want to take these partnerships one step further and become a bridge to help women and non-binary artists bring their work and creations into museum shops. We are determined to create new ways where women and non-binary artists can achieve sustainable financial income while furthering their career. 

Our aim is to build a diverse and inclusive bridge for women and non-binary artists to showcase their work, museum shops to discover exceptional products, and art enthusiasts to uncover and acquire new treasures from a rich tapestry of talents.


  • Opportunity to sell your products and creations at museum shop(s) 
  • Opportunity to sell your work on the ArtGirlRising e-commerce website
  • Brand new outlet to sell your work  
  • Expand your reach
  • Access to a new audience of art enthusiasts and collectors 


1. Goal of this Call For Art
To use our existing network of museum shops and become a bridge to bring women and non-binary artists' works into museum shops while changing the narrative and financially empowering artists and thus creating the ArtGirlRising Museum Shelf.

2. Region Eligibility
We welcome artists from all countries and regions with any background. 

3. IP and License
Our preference is to sell the items under artists' name to the museum shops, however if an artist does not have the means to produce the product on their own and need our support we will work with the artist on licence agreement.

4. Fees
For museum shop orders we will take an industry rate fee of between 15-25% of total sale order. 

5. Inventory Tracking
This is dependent on the museum(s) wholesale order. If your items are sold on the AGR marketplace, our platform will offer tools to help track your inventory.

6. New Product Development & Prototyping
Artists will participate in the prototyping and approvals of products, it will be a true collaboration to produce the item. However new product development and prototyping is planned for our second phase roll out and not something we are actively pursuing at this time.

7. Quantity 
The quantity of products is entirely dependent on the museum shops and their interest in the items. 

8. Does AGR buy wholesale from artists and then sell it to museums shops?
No, this is not a  business model we are pursuing at the moment. 

9. Agreement / Partnership Duration
We work with each artist on an individual basis, so this differs from artist to artist and product to product, as some museums might want a seasonal shelf and/or some products might also be seasonal, where other items will be long term and not seasonal.  Please note, however, we strive for long term partnerships with museums and artists, as this will be most impactful and sustainable for all parties.

10. Which museums will be participating?
We have partnerships with museums in the US, Europe and Australia and we will be sharing our catalogue with them in September. You can see a list of our partners here:

11. Timeline
The call for art's deadline is Aug 6th, once we have reviewed all the submissions we will curate a catalogue and share it with our museum partners. We expect to announce the final selection of artists in September. 


Email us at if you have any question about this call.